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This one's from Widgetbox:
This progressive rock music video widget is from yourminis

It can be customised and the feed changed. Check it out at http://www.yourminis.com/minis/yourminis/progrocktv/mini:progrocktvfeed * * * * Here's another one from grazer
It is also customisable. It's at http://grazr.com/read/progrocktv1000/feeds.feedburner.com-1 and SpringWidgets (you GOTTA check out the PLAYER which is right INSIDE the widget - incredibly FAST download!): go ahead - push one of the PLAY BUTTONS below Customise at http://www.springwidgets.com/widgetize/23/?param=http://feeds.feedburner.com/ProgRockTv1000latestsession

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