Karda Estra - the Mellowest Prog on the Planet

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There's a new group in my progressive vocabulary - Karda Estra and they're possibly the most 'symphonic' band that still falls a shade over into the progressive genre.

For those who like the classical guitar pieces from Steve Hackett you are at low-risk when listening to the compositions performed and written by Richard Wileman, accompanied by a distinguished group of femme fatals who make up the orchestral and vocal ensemble heard on all Karda Estra albums (11 of them) since 1998.

Peforming as a studio band, Richard Wileman in his incarnation of gothically inpired Hammer horror ghoul-master, has created adventurous symphonies of the melodramatic to delight the heart and the senses. Indeed he is celebrating a decade of Karda Estra by releasing a series of free mp3 singles over the coming year. The first new free mp3 single (November 2007) is entitled 'The Atom Age Sense Of Impermanence.

Taken so fully by the otherworldliness of this surreal 'chamber-prog', I immediately wrote to Richard and offered to create an appreciation page which represents a safe haven to indulge in the works of Richard Wileman; band radio is available for both of his groups; "Karda Estra" and "Lives and Times".

Richard and I would like to invite all lovers of symphonic prog to visit the new Karda Estra appreciation page.

Credits: Richard Wileman (composer, producer, classical, electric and bass guitars, keyboards, percussion, rastrophone), Ileesha Bailey (vocals), Helen Dearnley (violin), Caron Hansford (oboe), Amy Hedges (clarinet).

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